Amossco Halyard:  Marine Support


Amossco Halyard offers offshore support vessel services for drilling and production worldwide.  The types of operational support includes anchor handling, towing, supplying, survey, diving, cable laying, pipelaying, safety standby guardship duties and in-field support operations.  For longer term operations, Amossco Halyard assists in the purchase of vessels.

Although not direct owners of vessels we have over 30 years experience in the offshore support vessel market and are confident that we can provide advice and give support for all clients' offshore operations.



Additional support can be provided for:

New building finance

Chartering vessels as both Owner and Charterer

Logistical support for both the offshore and onshore element of the operations

Ship sale and purchase

Market research

Heavy lift operations


In common with Amossco ODS we specialise in the support required for operations in remote areas of the world and welcome the opportunity to add value to discussions and the decision making process for all drilling and production operations.